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My brother is playing pvz2 in puzzle game vase and the funnies things he got four coffin mummy in one row I laugh.
Hey how you doing?
So Im losing my spirit of drawing slowly every day and every day I wonder is this one will be better then the other one? And every day I see someone's else is more or less watchers than me or got more skills drawing then me or bigger minds then me so im ducking sick of that shift. All I wanted to do is a make a comic that I won't turn my back and walk away and abandoned my next one I already abandoned snowcare because of my stupid Idea its still in my gallery somewhere so please anyone I need support by your words I don't care if is a mess up one just enough to keep my mind back to its right track please I beg of you any of my viewers say something plz :(

Nubes: Hello I'm nubes and I'm here to teach you how to grow a Iron chomper first you need a thick pot and some rocky soil to make it stronger and hard.

Nubes: Now we got the basic stuff what I got here is chomper seeds and add any type of metal will next to the seeds just make sure is only Fe=Iron and no other element with it. Now make sure you water it every 14 hours and water it small amount so they won't rust them up.

Nubes: After a few days they will grow has a new born plant the won't be ready in a few weeks Iron chompers are huge responsibility. Why they can rust easily in there young age, we need to feed them vinegar in there plant food same has watering. In there young age we need to water them 16 hours for now on. Why less chance to rust even with vinegar.

Nubes : if we manage to spot a rust around the chomper we use a Iron wool to wipe it out is but make it nice and slow so the iron chomper won't feel the tickling  or he will tickling you back non-stop (in the next hour).

Nubes: Next teach him about zombies so he can find a way to use there advantage even if he can't reach each and every class there weak, also teach him/her not to eat you and the plants when he gets older.

Nubes: After all those step he/she will be ready to battle. And hers the answer why we need some of our tour

Why we need rocky soil and thick pot?: it help the Skin of the Iron Chomper to regenerate there scratch makes on there armor skin and the thick pot is hold any heavy plant.
Why did the hour expand when the iron chomper came out?: Rust will increase if there born has young age.

Nubes: And if there any other question let me know because taking care of this plants in the green house are hard.  

I have a running nose it really botter me alot because I don't want any snot on my pvz drawing, but joke on you sickness I done two art work they will be done tonight or tomorrow on the computer.
Im get jealous of any art especially if they got better picture angel and perfect brightness but whenever my jealousy turn up I use that jelly to draw me energy to draw and whats left in me for energy. And I can hear a owl outside my window I never heard one before I seen one but never heard one.
Name: Nubes

Gender: Male

Class: Peashooter

Log: Nubes is good following orders even if it necessary. Every day he thinks others plants if there ok he mostly don't fight in the fields, he mostly retrieve others injure plants and heal them Im self if theres no sunflowers nearby in is area, he know only little of healings.

Personality: Nubes is a kind guy who doesn't give up easily no matter how tough it is.

Gender: Male

Class:Commando Pea

Log: He doesn't do is duty he's  only concern to collect anything left in the battlefield so they put im has a scrap collector to recycling any that is in use or useful to win the fight.

Personality: He's selfish and doesn't care about others plants and for some reason he has good friend that care about im. The only thing he care about the plants is if they return in one piece. Why?  He love to see them smile can bring Im  some good spirit.
Name: Soft hearts

Gender: Female

Class: Stuffy Sunflower

Log: She's one of the best sunflowers but not by healing, but fighting aggressively in the field. She join the fight front line of defense that way she can heal them a front so they won't  fall back for medical attention instead they will fight while they been healed.

Personality: She a quite one and a aggressive type too. She like to fight a lot rater then helping others plants. She have a kind heart but is surrounded by stone . She do so little healing but do so much damage .
Name: Iceberg (Icebars)

Gender: Male

Class: Icepea

Log: Iceberg is a scout that goes around to find any useful report like finding any Z-Base, outpost, or campsite. Hes perfect for any cold zone or hot zone. They give him a radio to contact the plants of any reports even if is a small group of zombies he need to report anything immediately , location, time, zone, type, and numbers.

Personality: Iceberg have a multiple personality it only have one and has a name is Icebars. Icebars is crazy and love some hermit crabs, he talk to iceberg for a second opinion, iceberg sometimes choose is opinion if he have no other option. Not only Iceberg get some option but he have a abilitie that they can take turns to control the body while the other can take a breath and rethink for ther next moves. (And is Girl friend is Solar Flare)
Name: LT.Rena

Gender: Female

Class: Peashooter

Log: Lt.Rena walk around in the report room to find any reports for any information they need or any problems they find to encounter, after that she'll report to the plant that is higher rank if theres a real problem if there a less problem she'll be in command If they allow it. She sometimes go in the command room in case they need her in command.

Personality: Lt.Rena is a serious plant she watch over plants heads for any harmful situation even if there on low threat. She focus to all plants if there any missing plants she will sent out some scouts to find the missing plants. If her mission to recover the missing plants is cancel by higher rank, she will give Iceberg a private mission to find the plants himself and report in. She will send some reformeds if Iceberg was able to find the missing plants.
Name: Zeria

Gender: Female

Class: vampire sunflower

Log: Zeria is a reporter she sends any report in the battlefield while she's in the actions. She got a bodyguard name too weed, while too weed is protecting her. She report all the status report in the fight.

Personality: Zeria always energy's and fast at everything but she's careful were she's stepping. But the one thing she can't stop thinking about Nubes.
Name: Too weed

Gender: Male

Class: Weed

Log: Too weed has been assign to protect Zeria while she's reporting some status on the battlefield.

Personality: Too weed is smart and cautious hes different then the others weeds. Hes very curious to all ability and skills. Hes not a fan of attacking, he love defense but in the middle of a battle while defending he don't mind has long he stay defending. (He can't read)
Name: Mentia

Gender: Female

Class: Bandit Cactus

Log: Her mission is only finding some texts logs in the zombies base or outpost. Mantia is also close corner combat cactus she mastered it the hard way. She more experience hand-to-hand combat then any other cactus she like to see the zombies faces that they have no Idea who they messing with.

Personality: She a brave cactus but she got sick off tired being soo faraway from the fight so she requested to learn the master of hand-to-hand combat, she was gladly been accepted to teach her the art of hand-to-hand combat. But the one thing she didn't know that they actually declined it for hand-to-hand combat. Because one higher rank plant told a plant to declined Mantia request but she was accepted. And it was no accident. (Bottom line she just want to fight even closer at the zombies)
I was driving in driving school somewhere in down street I was focus on the road in front of me I didn't see I was getting out of the lane and there was huge hole on the ground and bust the wheel I got shock because it hit hard on the well I stay there for hour and wait until help is here. I keep thinking what went wrong and I went back to driving school and told me "my balance were off and practice more" Yeah I really mess-up that one they cancel my Monday schedule for extra practice.
Hey pvz fans my photoshop has expired which stinks alot now im going back drawing and using paint from my computer but if I ever get it back ill keep making more and some other stuff.
The first sunflower was born on is owner lawn she was happy, when the gardener opened the door and walk out side the sunflower was afraid she close her eyes, when she opened them she was getting petted by is gardener she was afraid at first but she got over it.
He pull out a garden shovel out of is pocket and a vase plant the sunflower does not know was he's doing, so the gardener dig her out and put her on the vase plant, the sunflower sunflower founded comfy. The gardener grab her he went back inside he was thinking putting her in a green houses with the others plants, but the gardener found her special so intend putting the sunflower in the greenhouse he put her in is house near the window. The sunflower have a beautiful view from the neighborhood, there house building she can see the backyard with a pool field with lily pads, her eyes spark of excitement, the gardener glad that she's happy, but he does not want her to see the truth on this world just yet when the gardener went to the backyard to water the plants. The sunflower was looking around the window when she saw something in the bushes, she thought is was a cute  animal but the moment it walk out of the bush she saw a zombie walking out of the bush. The sunflower had stopped breathing and start to shake in fear, her eyes is started to cry. She jumped away from the window and broke her vase plant the gardener runs back inside he sees the sunflower crying on the floor the gardener picks her up and plant her a new vase he look outside the windows he saw zombies outside on is front yard he ran towards the greenhouse to plant his defense but the zombies overrun the greenhouse he's defenseless he only had one option left. He lock all over his house he called his good friend Crazy dave and told him this is my last call the gardener telling him the good times they had together and told dave to do one last chore for him "take care of the sunflower for me Dave" and end is call he grab the sunflower and hide her in the closet with a small light. He close the door and ran away from the closet' she was scared and lonely she hears noises downstairs, breaking windows and doors bustdown. She heard screaming her heart raised that the point she fated. She woke up still in the closet she hears footsteps front of the closet she was really scared. When the door opened she saw a bearded angel she hug him and started crying Crazy dave when dave went downstairs she saw her master no more laying on the ground. Dave put her down to see him one last time she took his necklace to remember what he did to help her for not suffer the same ways of the plants. Crazy dave picks her up and walk frontdoor. Year's have past the sunflower is able to move with out a vase plant she's freely to do whatever she wants... The first thing she want to do to see is gardener again, she visit is grave to see him again moment later the grave was dug out by something she was panicking she ran for help but there zombies front of the gate she was shooting sun pulse at them she manage to wipe out all of them except one the gardener she was sad and afraid the sunflower backing up, the sunflower warned him to back off. But the zombie gardener still approach her the sunflower keeps warning him. But he still approaching her, when she trips down by a small hole she's started crying and started to blame herself that she wish she was never born and this wouldn't have happens. She keeps crying and crying, until she stopped, she opened her eyes and the zombie gardener was petting her the sunflower was shocked, confused, and happy. The zombie gardener was coming out tears of joys and said "you're my special sunflower that now stronger than any other plants, i'm glad you were born on my yard, even we met such a short period  time, you,re my little  firefly to lead me out of the of the darkest time, when ever I think about you remind me of my sister she cry, she she love views, and she love care about me please, keep living and don't ever blame yourself that you didn't did promise me"
The sunflower hug him and cry on his shoulder. He comfort her until she stopped crying at the end of her tears she promise to keep living and never blame herself. Gardener zombie " I see you got my necklace" the sunflower try to remove it. Gardener zombie " don't it looks good on you, keep it, I won't be needing it any ways" he pick her up and walks away. Gardener zombie " goodbye sunflower stay safe... oh and tell dave that is taco is in the bed".
He disappear without a trace
she will do anything see him again and she did. The end
Solar Flare:"Green shadow have you seen my googels I can't find them any were!"
Green Shadow:"No I haven't seen it all day"
Solar Flare:"Are you sure you're were in my room cleaning earlier"
Green shadow:look at the mirror with her googels. "Yeah im sure"
Solar Flare:"I need them with out them I can't activated my powers without it"
Green shadow:"Have you ever try without you're googels"
Solar Flare:"Last time I try that I burn a peashooter, him lucky enough that I was dating a snowpea but he need to stay in the fridge for a couple of days have is coolness again"
Green shadow:(Runs out of her room)"Wait you're dating a snowpea!"
Solar Flare:"Wait, is that my googels?"
Green shadow."Um, no"
Solar flare:"Give me the back"(grab the googels)
Green shadow:"Since we you and the snowpea start to know each other"
Solar flare:"Well it was a really hot day I can't get icecream because "
Green shadow:"because you melt the icecream on you're leafy hands"
Solar flare:"No because the icecream truck started melting away"
Green shadow:"umm... what?"
Solar flare:"Believe me it did melt away, choppers and zombies started to lick off the ground that how hot it is"
Green shadow:"But you are a made fire right? I tough you're fire residents."
Solar flare:"I am but its heat were talking about"
Green shadow:"..."
Solar flare:"any ways, it was so hot I saw a snowpea walking by it doesn't seem the heat is effecting him, when the air flowing on my face I can feel how cold he is. So cold is like you're opening the fridge, so I follow him to get some fresh air and he went in is house and trust me green shadow is house is cover in snow is like I touch crazy dave beard by the first time"
Green shadow:"okay but when did you two meet."
Solar flare:"he ran outside and yelled at me he said does icy ermitcrabs live, at first I didn't believe him and then I feel all pinching I was swarm in icy ermitcrabs, then he pulled me out of ther and I laden on im, I never felt a snowflake up close before, and that how whe ment"
Green shadow:"wow that a heck of a story, I never knew it was that hot outside that also explain the electricity bill are high"